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This open source plugin for ILIAS is a port of STACK, originally developed by Chris Sangwin at the University of Birmingham for Moodle. It provides a test question type for mathematical questions in ILIAS which uses Maxima to allow randomisation, automatic user input validation and question evaluation, plot generation, question unit tests, several input types like matrix, checkbox or reasoning equivalence and hundreds of other features

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Development of the new STACK Plugin version for ILIAS7, with an updated Moodle Core (4.3.9)
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Some STACK Question type plugin for ILIAS users and funders

About the developer

The STACK Question type plugin for ILIAS is developed by Jesús Copado Mejías, Researcher at the Innovation in Learning Institute of the Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen - Nürnberg
As part of the development team of the Innovation in Learning Institute and together with Fred Neumann, Jesús Copado Mejías also developed other ILIAS plugins like Accounting Questions, External Content or ExtendedTestStatistics.
As technical responsible for European Projects, he maintains dozens of LMS Platforms, offering technical support to project partners.
If you need support with the STACK Question type plugin, do not hesitate to contact:
If you want to report a Bug, please, use Mantis