stack_for_ilias7 (v7.0)

The main objective of this version is the change of the plugin‘s backend (ILIAS plugin core classes). To adapt it to the current Moodle question structure and to PHP8, without big database or user interface changes.
This backend rework will take place in four phases, on this first phase, the internal structure of the plugin has been redesigned and adapted to the current stack question in Moodle, our objective should always be keep the ILIAS Version as similar to Moodle as possible, so we can get easier updates for new features in the future.
This change was mandatory, as several features have totally changed since 2019 (previous core version), features like, CASText Parser, CAS Session, Teacher and Student Answers (now AST Containers), Node names and many others. We have used this backend rework, to start the adaptation of the plugin for PHP8, as you may know, a big effort is currently being done by the ILIAS Developers Community, to adapt the plugin to this new PHP Version, so, for STACK, we have already started this work.
As the backend of the plugin has be redesigned according to the current Moodle Version, some of the ILIAS specific features like feedback styles or special input rendering may be lost on this first version. Our goal is to have all of them back for ILIAS8.

Time plan

While we keep maintaining the old core ILIAS7 version master-ilias7 (v3.x), The first stable stack_for_ilias7 version (7.0) will be released on March 2022, and is preceded by the first Beta version 5.0 (January 2022) and the Release Candidate Version 6.0 (February 2022). During this time, the testing of the new plugin version will take place on this ILI platform:
STACK Development Platform

stack_for_ilias7 Bug Tracker

If you want to test this new stack version, please send an e-mail to

Current Status of the development

Version 6.0 for ILIAS 7 (Beta)
- This STACK for ILIAS plugin version requires a Maxima Server with the maxima version 2021120900. Other versions may trigger validation errors.
- This version includes DBUpdate steps which change values in the xqcas_prt_nodes tables, please, backup this table before update.
- Ensure you clear the cache after updating.
- Changes in this Version
- 95% Percent of the changes on this version were made to the backend, so do not expect many user interface changes.
- The core from STACK plugin Version for Moodle (4.3.9 December 2021) has been included.
- assStackQuestion becomes the "alter ego" of stack_question, the Moodle Plugin class. The old assStackQuestion is now named as assStackQuestion2 and it's going to be deleted.
- assStackQuestion is now responsible for all STACK variables, previously managed by assStackQuestionStackQuestion, which it's going to be deleted.
- assStackQuestionDB is now responsible for all DB Access methods, previously managed by the model/ilias_object classes. These classes are going to be deleted.
- assStackQuestionGUI Has been reworked, to adapt it to the new object assStackQuestion.
- assStackQuestionRender is now responsible for all the rendering methods.
- "0" is no longer valid as node name, a DB Update script to automatically change this value (Step 40) has been added
- The Save PRT function now checks also for invalid node names, which may come from Imported questions.
- New attributes added to the question (not yet customisable): assume real, logic symbol, stack version and compiled cache to stack_options and syntax attribute for stack_inputs
- The extremely rare and not replicable issue with question variants in test must be solved with this version, as the seed management in test function has been completely redesigned. 
- Questions exported from a platform with a stack plugin version < 6.2 won't be imported using the ILIAS format, as the import/export functions has been adapted to the new assStackQuestion structure. Funding is needed to allow compatibility with previous versions. You can always use the MoodleXML format.